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We are a family run business that has been co-ordinating FIT tour in the West Coast, United States of America for the past 20 years.

Previously our office is in Alhambra, California; and has re-located to Hong Kong, in early 2014, as part of our expansion strategy into Asia Pacific.

Our core business is mainly from travel agencies in Asia Pacific. We have been co-ordinating West Coast U.S.A., FIT tours for Asa Holidays, one of the largest travel agency in Singapore, since 2010.

Take a look at our Business Presentation for more details.

What is FIT tour?

FIT stands for Flexible Independent tour or Free and Independent Tour that is arranged individually. It is for individuals or family who wants a more free and easy type of travel as if they are travelling by their own, but wants to have all the travel needs to be taken care of.

For our FIT tour, from the day you arrive to the day you depart, we provide all the necessary transportation, lodging, and tour to the attractions; saving you the hassle for separate arrangement. If you want any extension, we can also make the necessary arrangement.

Why join FIT tour?

People normally join FIT tour for several reasons:

  • Couple or family wants to travel individually as opposed to a large group in packaged tour
  • They want to travel on their preferred date as opposed to the fixed date in packaged tour
  • They want to extend and travel on their own as opposed to the fixed return date in a packaged tour
  • They are more adventurous and want more free and easy travel as opposed to a more fixed itinerary schedule in a package tour
In a nutshell, FIT tour is like travelling on your own with a customized itineraries and all your transportation and lodging taken care of; hence, saving you the hassle of making the arrangements

What is included?

  • Transportation to/from airport, hotel and the attractions based on your itinerary
  • Ticket(s) to the theme park(s) based on your itinerary
  • Hotel accomendation based on your length of stays
  • Grand Canyon (West Rim) admission fee

What is not included?

  • Las Vegas/Grand Canyon - Night tour, Skywalk, Shows' ticket and etc
  • San Francisco - Night tour, Bay Cruise, Hearst Castle ticket and etc
  • Driver and Guide tips
  • Meals
  • Extra roll-away bed for additional pax

How to book with us?

1. For Travel agencies:

Please do email us for agent pricelist.

2. For individuals:

If you reside in Singapore, do check with Asa Holidays as they have attractive prices bundled with the air tickets; their contact is:
Name: Asa Holidays
Address: 1 Park Road, #03-43, Singapore 059108
Tel: +65 6303 5318